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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Our Lady of the Rockies


Butte, Montana

That afternoon while staying at the Walmart B&B I noticed far up on the mountainside in the distance a patch of snow left behind from the winter.  Looking through the binoculars that wasn’t snow.  It was something else.  Taking a picture was pointless.  I thought I would try in the morning.  Well morning was so smokey I couldn’t see it anymore.  From my point of view it looked like this.  This photo and the others are not mine, but what I found online.

It is a four piece ninety foot tall statue likeness of the Virgin Mary.  Butte resident Bob O’Bill vowed to create this tribute to all women following the recovery of his wife from cancer in 1979.  It took six years to construct.  He wanted to make it 120 feet high but the FAA said he’d have to have a blinking red light on top, so ninety feet it is.

Evidently there are bus tours for thirteen dollars that will take you to the top of the Continental Divide where it sets.  Here you can see two people at the base.

There is more information-Wikipedia includes the controversy (of course) behind it-and photos online of which I learned it is the fourth tallest statue in the U.S.  I never even heard of it and if it weren’t for my thinking a patch of snow? probably wouldn’t be any the wiser today.


shadowcat410 said...

Sounds like that one time i thought the cell towers were saguaros. LOL

Vicki said...

Wow, that's amazing! So glad you posted about it. I'm surprised it's so little known, I'd love to see it in person.

Unknown said...

Hi John it's Mike Chester would LOVE to see you.