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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

This is All I Need


If I were ever to have a traditional home again, this would do nicely.

I would like a sink with running water, bathroom and refrigerator, 

but you get the idea.  Nothing big.  
Beans and I live in 126 square feet now so this would seem a mansion to us.

The above is a reconstruction of the officer of the guard quarters.

A little insight as to the life of a soldier.

Anyway, the little house is a whole lot better than a canvas tent.

Lastly, I came upon something original.  Nothing lasts forever and I need to keep that in mind when visiting these historical places.  I come in expecting to see the real thing and become a bit dismayed at seeing recreations.  Something is better than nothing.


Barbara R. said...

Tiny homes are a big item internationally, but seem to cost a lot...not sure why. They aren't that different than your rig...but you have more portability now.

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

Yes, that is the beauty of this lifestyle. Everyday I wake up in someplace new. And if I don’t like my neighbors all I have to do is turn a key and move.

Vicki said...

Looks fine to me! I lived in a 24,00 sq. ft. house out in the country for almost 20 years but 3 years ago moved to a 900 sq. ft. house in town. I don't need anything bigger.