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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Weekend Rafting


Itch-Kep-Pe, Columbus, Montana

Overall it is pretty quiet here.  The weekends as you may suspect has more activity.  Lots of it is due to river rafting the Yellowstone and everyone who engages in that activity has to pass by us on the campground road to access the boat ramp.  Some of them are the local rafting companies that use these school buses to ferry people and rafts back and forth.

More though are private individuals with their rafts or river raft fishing boats.  
Their trailers make a lot of noise clang-banging along the pothole filled camp road.

Now if they observed the 15mph speed limit it wouldn’t be so bad but HA!
that would only be in a perfect world.
I can say the commercial rafting people in their school buses are really considerate in their driving and keep the speed and noise down considerably. 

Beans really couldn’t care any less.


  1. Hi precious little Beans! She is so lovely!

  2. The rafts and even the camper stairs remind me of childhood in Northern Michigan. Nice!!


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