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Monday, August 9, 2021



Walmart B&B, Sandpoint, Idaho

What to do?

We’re here in the upper panhandle of Idaho.  There are not all that many roads in the panhandle.  We’ve seen most all that can be seen by road to the north of us on previous trips.  To the south is only one highway with few if any places to stay all the way to Lewiston.

We could go west into Washington.

To stay anywhere (and I mean most anyplace in the state) you need their Discover Pass.  When we were in Washington four years ago I couldn’t make any sense of how to get this pass.  I got frustrated and left in a week.  This time I spent nearly an hour trying to understand it while sitting in the Walmart parking lot.  I think I have it figured out.  Either they made it easier to understand and purchase or I’m smarter now.  Ha!  But there is the fact that everywhere we went back in 2017 there were mosquitos to fend off.

Last year I had planned on giving Washington another chance and only made it as far as Sisters, Oregon when all that uncertainty of the pandemic set in and we hunkered down there for the entire summer.

We could loop back south into Montana, take the interstate southeast back to Missoula (oh joy) and then follow the Salmon River south one hundred sixty plus miles.  Never been there.  And there are quite a few places to stay along Highway 93.

What to do?

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