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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Drummond City Park

Drummond, Montana

Our scenic drive Highway 1 met up with the interstate at Drummond.  A city park with camping for the traveler was to be had there. 

The camp area with three hookup sites, the rest dry camping.
There is a boat ramp way over there also.  Probably for canoes and kayakers. 

The rest rooms were locked up.

Nearby was a newish looking long drop (pit toilet).
Maybe a means to keep maintenance costs down?

Like the horseshoe pits in Glendive, these looked like they hadn’t been used any time recently.

The baseball field too looked unused.  Right field hadn’t been mowed in a long time.  
You would not see a baseball field like this in Nebraska, that’s for sure.

There is a rodeo arena and it appears to get some usage.
Those chutes looked to be near new.

We selected a nice shady spot at the other end of the park.

Behind us was the local swimming hole.  
This water was just right like that of the Yellowstone in Columbia.
And yes, the young folk would jump from the train trestle into the water.
There was the day yours truly would have done so too, but best I don’t do silly stuff these days.
Okay, I would do it if I had someone to take care of Beans if I hurt myself.

The water is the Clark Fork River and is flowing westward and will ultimately end up in the Pacific Ocean.  All the other waters we have enjoyed so far flowed eastward for the Atlantic.
Crossing the Continental Divide near Butte did that.

I like this place Dad.  There’s lots of good smells around here.  
I think that black cat I saw last night went this way.

Considering the town of Drummond is only about 330 in population I think they have a nice park and are doing the best they can.  Much better than some towns we’ve stayed at who are a lot larger.

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Vicki said...

Seems like a really nice place to camp. I'm surprised everything isn't used more often. I like the river. Beans seems to be having fun!