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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Farewell Trout Creek

I was getting low on food and fresh water to drink.  I had water for other needs but I refill water jugs with purified water and was down to my last one.  We would have to leave.  I don’t think I was ever so sad to leave a place as I was Trout Creek but coming back for those few days helped lessen the sadness.

Along the way out the skies appeared blue, the first time in quite some time due to the smoke.  

Down stream a large fallen tree had created a natural waterfall.

Just upstream from it was a beaver dam.
A lot of work went into building that dam.
Incredible engineers the beaver are.

I stopped at the last camp opportunity fifteen miles down the highway just to check it out.

I had no plan on staying there for just like Sloway, the interstate was right there and the constant highway noise would have been maddening especially after leaving peaceful and quiet Trout Creek.
That is a big rig truck barreling along just past the trees.

We went on back to Missoula, Montana less than an hour’s drive.  Missoula is awful.  Traffic is slow going, backed up here and there.  It rained that evening while we over-nighted at the Walmart camperland.
Hopefully the rain will help the firefighters and clear the smokey skies.
We will be heading south next, following the Bitterroot and Salmon Rivers into Idaho.
Cell service may be hit and miss along the way so if a post doesn’t show up daily, that is why.
Hang in there.


  1. Good bye Trout Creek, hello the road to adventures.

  2. It was always sad for me when we left a place I really loved, but I loved finding new to me campgrounds too.

  3. Quartz Creek does have a dump station and water...The North side was pretty quiet when I stopped there last year on my way home from a party in Corvallis Montana....ADVriders...


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