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Monday, August 23, 2021

Hike to Bass Lake

Bitterroot Mountains, Montana

A half mile from camp is a trailhead.
That is convenient for most trailheads require driving to them which presents a problem for me. 

 The trail was like this, a gradual climb all the way.

Occasionally the trail came close the Bass Creek 
but for most of the route I could only hear the sound of the cascading waters.

This couple passed me on the trail.  Rarely if ever do I get passed while hiking.  Well, I had stopped to look at a snake (no photo) when they passed by but no doubt they would have caught me anyway.  So I followed along behind them for awhile, wheezing in some parts perspiring in all.
  Geez, I’ve lost it.  
Well they were half my age after all so I need to not be so hard on myself.

I quit trying to keep up when I spotted this mushroom (a good excuse). 
This fungi belongs to the Russulaceae family which some are edible and some not.

Really?  You bring a mask with you when hiking miles back into the wilderness?

And then, all of a sudden there was the lake.
The clouds had rolled in just before I arrived.
It would have been a nicer photo with blue skies.
And blue skies they were for it had rained the previous night clearing away the smoke.

I sat here enjoying the view all around,
ate my snack, drank the last of my water, then got up to return home.

A cep mushroom also known as a penny bun.  
They are extremely popular in many cuisines.

Greene’s mountain ash.  
The berries are food for many birds and mammals.
I don’t know about people.  This people didn’t try it.

I had a great time on this hike.  
It was nice to get out onto an established trail and be in nature again.
Unfortunately when I got back home I discovered my hiking boot was finally coming apart.
There are a lot of miles on those boots.
I just don’t know if there are a lot of miles left in me to warrant buying a new pair.

Statistics:  Length of hike - 5.54 miles round trip
Elevation - 3715’ to 4565’  850 feet gain in altitude
Time going up - Forever  (well over an hour)
Time coming down - Nothing at all (half an hour)
Overall impression - Outstanding!


Allmycke said...

Berries from mountain ash makes a great jelly to use as a condiment to especially wild meat (moose, venison) but the berries need to have been frozen on the stems to gain the right sugar content.

shadowcat410 said...

That looks like a perfect hike! I am so envious. Beautiful. I miss walks in nature away from the city and crowds. Sigh...

Vicki said...

What a beautiful place! I don't understand why people drop their masks wherever they feel like. If you're too weak to carry that mask until you get to a trash can, I think you should be laying down instead of walking.

Anonymous said...

The lake views are spectacular! Yes, you need to buy some new boots. You've got years ahead to break them in!