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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

I Had a Feeling


North Shore Campground, Montana

The next day, our first morning here, someone moved in next door.  It was inevitable.  A middle aged couple.  Loud talkers.  But I just had a feeling...not a good one. 

I walked back up the camp road and number four looked better with only one possible next door neighbor. So we moved, no big deal, done in a few minutes.  I walked back down to our old spot to get my tag off from the numbered post.  They already had a generator fired up humming away.  At least it wasn’t as bad as the next camper up the line whose generator sounded as if someone had thrown a handful of nuts and bolts into a vegamatic blender. 

This site has more jungle for Beans to explore.
My goal is to hold out here through the weekend.  
Good luck with that, fella!”

On a side note, I honestly cannot think back to the last place we stayed at that offered a receptacle for recycling aluminum cans.  There may not have been any.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Good decision that! And how nice to have recycle of cans. People who actually are making efforts for the planet! Enjoy the big trees.