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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Looking For a New Homesite


After a resupply and overnight in Missoula we moved on south.  About ten miles out of town was Chief Looking Glass, a camp opportunity that had my suspicions going in. 

Yep, just like all the other Montana Fish and Wildlife places we’ve checked out.
“We don’t want you out of staters using our resources but if you insist, its gonna cost you extra.”
We moved on.

About Chief Looking Glass and more abuse to the Native Americans.

A few miles further was this national forest campground.
Montana can’t extort us here.

There are twenty-six sites here and by jove I think we got the next to last one available.
It is site number one right at the beginning and I don’t think we could have a better spot away from others.
That holds true many of the times.  The first and last sites on a loop pretty much are always by themselves.

Yep, Ms. Beans likes this place.

I like hiding in tall grasses.

My form of entertainment is looking out the front windshield.
People go in to use the pit toilet then come out and rinse their hands at the faucet or in the drinking fountain.  People are disgusting.


  1. I got a digital book from the library, Nomadland. I have heard raves about the movie. I'm enjoying the book so far...about halfway through. What a lot of people are out there in mobile living these days!

  2. People use the pit toilet then come out and rinse their hands at the faucet or in the drinking fountain? SO GROSS! Nasty people!!!


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