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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

North Shore CC, Trout Creek, Montana


We left little Drummond (I really liked that town and their park) midday for a short fifty mile drive to Missoula (I don’t really care for that town) and an overnight stay at the Walmart Motor Lodge.  It rained off and on along the way where the Little House on the Highway got a much needed bath.  I really need to fix that annoying chattering windshield wiper.

I picked up a few items in the store the next morning and these were sitting out there for the customers.  Gee, remember a year ago when these things were so hard to come by 
and when you could find them they cost a pretty penny.  Now it’s help yourself to some, free.

We put Missoula in our rear view mirror and headed west on another one of those “scenic routes” (Highway 200) that wasn't so scenic because of all the smoke.  This is not good.  The highway followed the Flathead River (we’re in the Flathead Indian territory now) which met up with our old friend the Clark’s Fork River.

The drive was further than we wanted to do (126 miles) but two other options along the way didn’t pan out.  North Shore Forest Service Campground near Trout River, Montana was our hopeful destination.  It has only sixteen sites so I was a bit nervous.  Beans wasn’t.  Only four sites were taken when we arrived.  I need to trust Beans’ intuition more.  We were both tired but grateful to have a new home site.

Well Beans wasn’t all that tired.  She immediately wanted to check out this new place.

We’ll have to switch to the hunting lead here.  
There’s lots of critters to terrorize. 


Karen said...

The smoke from the fires has drifted all the way into Ontario.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yay Beans...go for those critters! Let your dad rest his eyes, which may not be too happy from the haze.