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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Predators of the Bitterroot Mountains


This leaves me with the question like how can you really take time to look for distinguishing features when all you can think about is putting distance between you and the bear.

This is the fearsome Tortoiseshell Panther, a swift and fast hunter...most of the time.

Makes me wonder what it feels like having a squirrel head inside your mouth?
And then, what is it like having your head inside a cat’s mouth? 

She carried it around for awhile not knowing what really to do with it now that she caught it.  She let it go, it darted off and she ran it down again this time catching it in a mid-body grip.  This went on a couple more times then finally the squirrel got in between the rear dual tires as does most of her catches and the game was over.

No animals were harmed in the production of this blogpost 
but the squirrel most likely had the crap scared out of it,
plus a great story to tell its friends and family.


  1. So funny...I carefully read all the details on bears, agreeing that if I were near one, I'd hightail it out of there before introducing myself. Oh Beans! What fun to have a chipmunk to play with...and yet not really being hungry (cause Dad is a great provider of daily whatever you eat) so the huntress is just a catcher...not a true carnivore any more!

  2. If I'm ever chased by a bear I'll make sure to measure the length of its claws.

  3. Even if I memorized that sign about bears, if I saw one all my brain would say is RUN!

    I'm glad Beans had fun and that he let the scared critter go.

  4. Bears can hit over 35 mph..Running is NOT a great idea...Better to offer them your picnic basket and saunter off slowly..(;+)......


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