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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The Center of the Universe


(We were in a place with no cell service, that is why no post yesterday)

Wallace, Idaho

This was one of those weird things to see but I hadn’t planned on going through Wallace until the change of mind about Washington and so here we are.

The exact center is in the middle of this intersection.

And here it is.

Yes, it is a manhole cover.
See the risks I take to get pictures for you?
I could have been run over.
This is a really neat town with a lot of cool shops and eateries yet not touristy.

 The story behind the claim is that it is the snarky rebuttal to the EPA and Department of Health and Human Services, which in 2002 had declared Wallace part of a Superfund Site due to “probable” lead pollution from its nearby mines.  Since the pollution couldn’t be proved or disproved, the mayor reasoned that the Center of the Universe could also be in Wallace, since that couldn’t be proved or disproved either.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Enjoy the center of the universe...or did you just pass through Wallace ID? Nice clean town.