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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Last Chance


Just on the north edge of the town Salmon in Idaho was this place to stay.

It is managed the Idaho Fish and Game.  Now see, if we were in Montana their agency would be charging me eighteen dollars to stay because I am from out of state.
Idaho lets me stay for free.  I like Idaho.
I can’t say as much for Montana.

A man and woman from the fish and game were constructing this fence.
And they were not young either.

The pit toilet here too had murals.

In searching for places to stay beyond Salmon 
people are mentioning pit toilet murals elsewhere in this area.

I say last chance for I spent awhile setting up blog posts for the days ahead for it looks like again we will be entering that land of no cell service.  I have AT&T and it has served me well all over the country but this area between Missoula and I don’t know how much further south is bad unless I am in a town.


Barbara Rogers said...

Wonderful fishy toilet. I'm thinking salmon. Maybe some rainbows too? Not being a fisherman/woman I just love to eat the fresh fish. Over a camp fire of course (dreaming here!)

Vicki said...

Wow, more pit toilet murals, I like them.

Hawaiian bred said...

I always say "fisherperson". I love to fish myself.