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Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Nimrod’s Trailer


The next morning after we returned to Trout Creek Campground I went for my usual walk down the camp road.  This time I stopped at the Nimrod’s trailer and looked in the windows.  It didn’t look right.  I walked around to the door.  Unlocked.  I opened it and peered inside.  No mattress on the bed.

I stepped on inside.

The sink by the bathroom was full of cleaning supplies.

The shower looked fine, just needed a cleaning.

The couch across from the dinette was gone.  This is the slide out portion of the trailer and that couch could fold out for extra bed.

The dinette and seats were still in place.

The TV above though was gone.

The kitchen sink full of this and that.

The stove top and grills were gone.  
I found them in a box next to the bed.
Same stove I have except I do not have the oven.
The refrigerator and freezer next to it was empty and clean.

If you were abandoning a trailer would you leave a package with your name and address inside?

Or leave the license plate on it?
This trailer must have been stolen.

Back around the front the propane tanks were missing.  Were they there when they first dropped it off?  I checked back on my photos but I hadn’t taken that photo of it being parked next to us until the day we left, four days after it was dumped off.  I wasn’t sure.  Then I saw the hitch wasn’t locked.  Something I should have noticed right away.

I know people who would love to have this trailer, people who have nothing.
Now the forest service will have to have it towed away or maybe have the Sheriff’s office do so.  
Will it be auctioned off or trashed into a landfill?  What a waste if that.


Vicki said...

Looks like if you fixed it up it would be a nice trailer. And I agree, many people would love to have it!

Upriverdavid said...

The Skeeters seem to be done stabbing for the year over here in Washington..You don't need a pass for the NFS campgrounds, except for the Geezer pass...The state parks don't require a pass if camping in the SPark..The trails sorta yes, it is confusing, I must have 3 or more passes, just to be safe..No cost to me...
Have Fun!