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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Three Frogs

 Three Frogs Campground

This campground was south of Kmart twelve miles and as soon as we turned off the highway cell service was lost.  This most likely will be the story for the rest of the week and more.

It was a quiet campground in spite of the large family gathering down the way.
I tried to count and got up to forty people and then lost track.

I asked someone walking by carrying a plate of food what the occasion was.  He said it was a church gathering.  “You’re welcome to join us.”
“Uh...thanks for the invite but too many people for me.”
But the smell of those bar-b-qued burgers sure was enticing. 

I didn’t see a single frog while we were there either.  Maybe because it was forty-one degrees in the morning.  We didn’t linger and left right early for some sunshine and warmth.

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Vicki said...

When you told him it was too many people for you he should have at least offered you a plate of food, especially since it was a church gathering!