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Monday, August 2, 2021

What Inning is This?


Drummond, Montana

I go to the post office and it is closed.  I check the hours.  It should be open.

I walk across the street to the bank.  It is closed also.  What the...?
Both have their flags up.

I go back over to the post office and stand inside trying to figure out what holiday it is.  A lady comes in to get her mail from her P. O. Box.  I ask her if she know why they are closed.
“It’s Sunday” she tells me.
And that is the beauty of living full time on the road.  The days of the week mean nothing.
I returned to their city park and wait for Monday.

Here you see us in a different spot.  We are over in the main camp area which by the way was vacant except for one guy in his SUV, off to the right.

That is our original spot just to the right of “our” picnic table.
These idiots moved in right there on the other side of “our” picnic table in the late afternoon Sunday after my post office/bank comedy.
We moved over to the main camp area Monday morning to get away from them 
and so Beans could explore in peace.

They could see us from where they are.  
I’m making a statement by moving but I doubt it registered with them.
The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me.
Ya got the whole damn city park to camp in and you do so right next to us!!


Beanie Mouse said...

I work with people like that. I'm an audio typist - in previous office I'm be sitting there with my headset typing away in an otherwise empty office. Another guy walks in and SITS RIGHT NEXT TO ME and then starts chatting away. Um..... I can't do my job now?? There's a lot of idiots out there.....!! (I work at home now, yay!)

Toc said...

We have also noticed that some campers will choose to park right next to us in a totally empty campground! I think some people equate comfort with closeness and can't imagine that others intentionally prefer distance. It's a 'head-shaker' for sure!

Vicki said...

I don't understand why you'd go camping and then park right next to someone. The point of camping to me is to get away from people and relax. I also don't like when you go to a restaurant and they seat you right by someone when there are empty tables all over the place.

CS said...

That is the beauty of being RETIRED: not having to know which day of the week it is (except for banking and picking up mail).

I think most people are socially gregarious. They need other humans in order to be stimulated. We introverts need exactly the opposite. I'll take that spot behind those trees where there's no room for anyone else. And I always ask for the corner table in the back at restaurants. Leave me alone! :)

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

This woman whose blog I follow has informally created the Hermatic Nomadic Leave Me Alone Club. I made myself a member.

CS said...

Count me in! (As long as there are no meetings. lol)