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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

25 Cent Camp


This campground was less than ten miles away from my Mexican lunch.

It is Stanton Crossing and run by Idaho’s Land something. It is free with a ten day limit. 

I found a spot off by ourselves, parked, stepped out and found a quarter on the ground.
The camp had a name now.

We moved down here but it wasn’t far enough to escape the nasty weather.
The first day it rained and was cold.  Very cold.
Back at Sun Valley was worse so we had that going for us.

I got the heater up and running.
Beans sits in front of it at times. 
 I petted her after this photo was taken and her butt was too hot to touch!
Silly cat.

Being cooped up inside all day I got to looking for something in the overhead and discovered things wet.
Water was coming in around this window...somehow.  This has been an ongoing problem and years ago I blocked off the entire window from the outside.  So I had this to deal with when it is nicer out.


Barbara Rogers said...

Nice little heater, and Beans better watch her butt doesn't start smoking! All openings in a shell do tend to give a vent to water, and air of course also. Hope you weatherize it better this time.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Sounds like you need some silicon sealant to sort that out. You can send the rain to us if you like

Vicki said...

Just from those two photos it looks like a really nice campground. When I'm cold I want to be close to the heat too. Leaky windows are a pain!

Shammickite said...

H2O always finds a way in, if there is one!