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Friday, September 17, 2021

Corral Creek Canyon


A four mile long dirt road takes you up into the canyon.

Corral Creek itself.

At the end of the road is a parking area at a trailhead.

Gee, I have some socks that must be close to 10-15 years old.

A small dam built by beavers.
These amaze me.  How do they know where to build and where not to build?

This is an old sheep corral, probably where the creek and canyon got its name.
It is no longer in use.

Nowadays the sheep are herded on down the streets of Ketchum from their summer grazing lands high in the mountains.  It is an annual weeklong festival taking place in the first week of October.  From there the sheep will be loaded up and trucked to their winter grazing areas in Utah and California. 


Allmycke said...

That sheep corral looks just like the corrals we have in Northern Sweden (and Norway & Finland) where reindeer are mustered. This occurs a couple of times every year - before moving to winter grazing areas, before moving to the summer grazing areas, at slaughter time.

Barbara R. said...

Wow...what a great aerial shot of all those sheep. Great that you went up in the canyon to the end of the road!

Vicki said...

Interesting! I love the photos, especially the creek and the sheep/