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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Errands and Eating


We left Sun Valley in the morning and stopped at Hailey to fill the water tank.  Then on to Bellevue.

Bellevue had a pet store where I could get Beans another bag of high priced grain free gourmet kibble.
I checked out three thrift stores - no books of interest.
Next was grocery shopping but it isn’t a good idea to grocery shop when hungry so I went to the Mexican restaurant next door first.

Their special for the day, on the big screen behind the gentleman, 
was a carne asada burrito so I went with that.

The plan was to eat half and save the other half for dinner.
Well that didn’t happen; I ate it all.
Sooo good!

At the checkout in the grocery store this sign amused me.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Well, having water sure is handy as you put the miles under your wheels. Nice Mexican food! Too bad the check out people have to speak English...it reminds me of my interview where I had to speak Spanish.

Vicki said...

That carne asada burrito looks really good!