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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Hunting Beaver


The Big Wood River runs by the campground and I took a walk along the shore thinking of rattlesnakes basking in the sun.

My thoughts were disrupted by finding beaver evidence.

Here he has fallen a tree and for what reason?  Usually it is to get to the slender branches up top but this tree was untouched.  Destructive rodents they are.

This is one of the larger trees felled, hopefully my hand gives you an idea of its size.
I wondered where they had built a dam from all this logging they did.

I went upstream and I went downstream.  No dam, no ponds.
I was impressed by the clarity of the water in Big Wood River.
The cleanest I have seen so far on this year’s travels.

So clear was the water I could see trout swimming about in the deep holes.

No beaver though.

I looked up some images of beaver in action for you.

Contrary to popular belief, beaver cannot control the direction the tree will fall 
and sometimes it falls on them.


Vicki said...

That water is about the cleanest I've ever seen. I hope the poor beaver trapped by the tree was rescued by the person who took the photo.

Barbara Rogers said...

Well, someone in the beaver clan is thinking of dams, or maybe just wanted a nibble of the greenery. But don't they eat fish too? Not sure myself...I agree with Vicki, in hopes the beaver got helped by photographer in last pic. I love fresh trout.