A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Monday, September 27, 2021



An hour’s drive south from Twin Falls, Idaho we crossed the border into Nevada at the small town of Jackpot.  Beans wasn’t into traveling that day and she let me know about it.  I stopped twice but neither stop fit her needs.  Just outside of Jackpot was a small rest area.  She was happy here.

Look closely and you can see graffiti high up on the cliff face.
I wondered how many fell and hurt themselves.

Yep, I had a happy kitty now.
This is Salmon Falls Creek.

I counted five of these things littering the ground at the rest stop.

I finally got her to come back inside so I could fix some lunch.
Okay Beans, time to get back on the road.  You can birdwatch at the next place.

She was fine for the rest of the way to Wells, Nevada, our stop for the night.


shadowcat410 said...

That pink thing discarded on the ground is sheep sh*t.

Vicki said...

Glad Beans finally got to enjoy herself. There must be some very weak people if a mask is to heavy for them to carry to a trash can. They need to just go home and lay down and try to build their strength up.