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Friday, September 10, 2021

Sun Valley, Idaho

We left on Monday, the holiday itself, thinking that people would be packing up to go home and back to their jobs.  It was fifty-seven miles westward on Highway 75 to Stanley.  Every campground along the way was filled with campers.  Doesn’t anyone work anymore?  It didn’t matter though as I wouldn’t have stayed at any of the campgrounds.  They were all within a steep narrow canyon, no sunlight and still cold under forty degrees at mid-morning.  Plus still no cell service.  At Stanley I had forgotten how small that town was - not even a grocery store of any significance.  But the phone did finally come alive for a few short miles.  South of town were several campgrounds along the highway all, except one, not suitable for a small home on wheels and all were filled with campers without a care in the world to get back home.  I didn't even bother checking out Redfish Lake that was suggested to me by Amanda.  I figured it’d be the same story, and I’d once again have no cell service.  We pressed on for another hour to our ultimate destination where we have stayed before, free forest service land in the warm sunshine outside of Sun Valley, Idaho.  Only two other campers in the far distance and no movie star look alikes anywhere near.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I went out the day after the children had gone back to school, thinking everywhere would be quieter. Bad mistake! The countryside was crawling with old fools like me - normally most of them would be on Mediterranean cruises at this time of year.

Vicki said...

That is an amazing view!

Barbara Rogers said...

Not a lot of shade, but better for you when it's 40 degrees out! Enjoy!