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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Five Second Warning


I was just preparing to make a cup of tea when the phone blared at me.  A weather warning.  I opened up the page and hadn’t even read the first paragraph when all hell broke loose.

The wind picked up immediately.  The RV was rocking side to side.  All sorts of things were blowing by - dirt, grass, sticks, chipmunks, flying squirrels...  The tall ponderosa pines bent over and stayed that way.  Dirt swirled around the RV and I couldn’t see ten yards.  I reached out to shut the door but I was too late.  And then it was over just as quick as it had begun.  Everything inside was coated with dirt. 
 Here you can see with the rug pulled back.

I wiped off the counter and table and deal with the rest in the morning.  My cup of tea had a layer of dirt floating on top.  I tossed it and made another cup.  I found Beans up top in the overhead.  
What the heck Dad?!

In the morning I spent over two hours cleaning up inside.  Beans was chomping to go outside.  Finally I was done and we went out.  She immediately rolled in the dirt.  “No way!  You’re not going back inside like that and bring in a cat full of dirt!”  I brushed her off at the end of our walk before I let her back in.

The weather app could give me more than a five second warning next time, please.


Vicki said...

Scary! Glad you had no damage!

Barbara Rogers said...

That was definitely a fast moving storm! Sorry you got all that dirt in your tiny house.