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Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Out-of-the-Way Shower


When researching where to stay once we left Stanton Crossing I discovered a city-run RV park in the town of Gooding.  The highlight of this park were showers at the fairgrounds next door.  By the time we left I had decided we wouldn’t stay at the park (too close by) but I couldn’t ignore the opportunity for a shower.  So I drove nineteen miles out of the way just for a shower.  

All along those nineteen miles I kept thinking this is stupid.  Once there I had trouble finding the shower and restrooms and had to ask the lawn mower man.  That’s it on the right.

Inside it was a well used restroom as one would imagine for a fairground.

Okay, this will do.  
I turned on the water...instant hot water with some force behind it.
Oh yeah!  This was NOT stupid!
And it was free.

Feeling renewed and refreshed, I fixed lunch there and dug out some clean clothes.
Then I stopped at a hardware store we had passed by to top off the propane and fill my little tank that runs the heater.  We’ll be going through the nothingness of Nevada so best play it safe.

I hit up one thrift store in Gooding and two in Jerome after we backtracked some but no books of interest.  
But I did meet Hemi in the last store.
Beans was not pleased with the foreign cat smell on my fingertips. 

And so it begins.
Walmart store in Jerome.


Vicki said...

I have instant hot water tank at my house and I love it. That place looks nice. Hemi is cute! Christmas stuff already...

Barbara Rogers said...

Merry Christmas to you! There, I've been the first to wish you that this year...and may all the days that lead up to it be restful, joyful and easy driving!