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Thursday, September 16, 2021

This I Wished I Would Have Seen


I was on the motorbike on my way back home to have some lunch when this huge moving truck came along heading for the summit.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He cannot possibly go over the pass on that narrow dirt road! I continued on home hungry and then stopped, turned around and went back. Lunch could wait.  I just had to see if he was going up the steep road. I got part ways and here he comes back. 

He must have seen the signs and realized his mistake.
Maybe his GPS directed him this way.

I’m sure this sign made an impression on him.
I was now disappointed that I hadn’t followed him right away.
I would have liked to seen how he got that truck turned around 
for the road is never any wider than the top photo.

Then after lunch I saw this down the road from our camp.
That’s us down there.

That short violent wind storm knocked down this tree.

It snapped off the top of its neighbor.

The root base looks pretty shallow, not much was holding it up.

There is someone in a tent on the other side of the road.
Good it fell the way it did.


Barbara R. said...

A bit of good luck, or something, for the tent person, if they were there at the time of your wind storm. Not so good for the tree. What folly for that big truck to go up that hill, and oh my, he must have had fun turning around!

Karen said...

Just last evening I had to redirect a fellow whose GPS told him he could get to his destination up my rough, narrow, deep forest trail. GPS once told my brother to take a left, in the dead of night. It turned out to be a boat ramp! If he hadn't had his wits about him he would have been in the drink, hahaha.

Vicki said...

We see a lot of downed trees where I live due to hurricanes. They can do a lot of damage if they land on something or someone.