A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Beans Visits the Vet


Every so often Beans gets to wheezing which I took for working up a hairball.  I’ve been giving her hairball relief pate which has eliminated the actual hairball coming up and allowing it to pass on through.  I visited a vet in Challis, Idaho to make sure the stuff I was giving her was good (it was) and that I was giving her enough but not too much.  She said what I was doing was fine.  If Beans developed loose stool then I was giving too much.  Still the wheezing continued.  I decided to take her in for an actual checkup in Blythe.  The day we went to UPS and got water I went by the vet place and made an appointment.  “Can you bring her in tomorrow morning say at 9:45?”  Okay.  

We arrived at 9:30 sat in the RV and watched.  People kept showing up with their dogs...way too many dogs.  Bean wanted out to harass the dogs.  I went in and told the lady we’d be outside in a motorhome and she said that was fine.  “I’ll come get you.”  Fifty minutes later it was our turn.  
Really, I think they overbook their appointments.

Okay Dad, there is way too many smells in here!
Notice fluffed out tail.  High alert!

What the kind of place have you brought me to?  Notice wide open eyes.

The doctor was okay.  I liked the doctor I had for Sinbad back home better.  I think this guy just takes on too much.  Still he was good and said that Beans lungs and breathing sound good.  This was a relief.  
“Just continue the hairball pate once a week.  People usually stop and then problems develop.”

She did well through the whole experience.  I was more traumatized than her.
By the time we got back I was worn out, mostly from worry for the past 24 hours.
I ate lunch and took a nap.

Hopefully now we can stay put in the desert and quit going into town across the Colorado River into the California side.  It is a rough road for about two miles which takes about twenty minutes just crawling along before hitting the pavement.  

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Water and UPS

Out in front of the laundromat and mini store in Ehrenberg I knew there was a source for water and dumping tanks also.  So I was disappointed to see it was now locked up.  I asked why and learned that too many people were helping themselves without paying.  Notice signs.  Well this was not good.  We arrived here with a half a tank.  I should have filled it back in Pioche in that little RV park we stayed in.  Now I was looking at having to drive to Quartzsite twenty miles away to fill.  

We would be okay for a few weeks but having a full tank would be peace of mind.

 I had placed an Amazon order two weeks ago and timed it to arrive at the post office here in Ehrenberg about the same time we would arrive.  Well there was a screw up.  Amazon sent it UPS and UPS had a delivery problem.  So after only a couple days being settled I had to break camp and drive back into Blythe, California.  UPS customer service is for one hour, 9-10am.  Anyway, it got sorted out and they had both packages going back out to the post office that same day.
The trip to town was not for nothing.

Meanwhile, while waiting for UPS to open (they never do, you have to pound on the door to get their attention; yeah, its weird) I drove around to city parks and other places looking for a water faucet.  Believe me, they are hard to find.  Just look around the next time you are out driving about.  If you find one usually there is no handle.  Well I lucked out.  I found one behind an abandoned Radio Shack with no handle.  I turned it on with pliers and water flowed!  Not always a sure thing for the water could be shut off even if you do find a faucet.  So now we have a full tank and will be good for six weeks or so.

I have found a number of these rock art pieces since being here.
I plan to add one with each post.

Friday, October 15, 2021



Outside of Ehrenberg, Arizona

This will be our winter home this year rather than going to Quartzsite eighteen mile to the east.  We’ve stayed here before four years ago.  There is less people here during the winter and quieter.  The only bad thing is to buy food I have to go back into California to Blythe which is only five miles but not something I can do on the Honda 90 since I would have to ride on the Interstate and go through the agriculture inspection station.  Not good.

Beans likes it here.  Look at all that good silt to roll in and bring back inside the RV.

The hunting is good too.  

I hear something...

I can let her roam and hunt freely, although I am still nearby at all time supervising.
The cord is about fifteen feet long and has a bell on the end so I always know where she is when she runs off after a lizard.

Love than morning desert sun.

Thursday, October 14, 2021



We rolled into the town of Blythe that sets on the California side of the border with Arizona along the Colorado River.  First stop was Ace Hardware to pick up some material for a project.  Then over to Dollar Tree for a couple of items.  They carry Grossner milk that comes in cartons and has a shelf life of a year unrefrigerated.  Nice to have in case I run out and cannot get to a store.

Out front was a drinking water machine!  Wow!  This is the first one since we were in the Dakotas or maybe even longer.  I went to fill the bottles and got cheated on the first two losing 50 cents (shorted me on change) and one bottle didn’t fill all the way.   Well I’m not playing that game.

I stood there looking around and spotted two machines across the street.  I’ll go over there.  
This time I got cheated out of a dime but found a nickel in the other machine.

Next up was grocery shopping but I was getting hungry for lunch.  Never a good idea to grocery shop hungry so I went over to Burger King for a Whopper and a vanilla shake.  “Oh sorry, we don’t have any product for the shake machine.”  Good grief!  Disappointment set in being cheated out of a shake.  
This is becoming an ever increasing problem when ordering shakes.  Must be a pandemic thing.

I went to Albertson’s which could have gone better but I’ve already complained enough in this post.
Back across the Colorado River border into Arizona I stopped at a laundromat I have used in the past.  Ten machines were out of order; only seven were working.  This could be a problem when more people arrive in this area for the winter.  I used one dryer and discovered if I used the other brand I would get three more minutes for the same price.  Cheated once again.

Lastly was a stop at Family Dollar and lo and behold they had the little packages of steaks!  I haven’t found them in any Family Dollar since we left Quartzite last year.  The cashier lady said they never know what will come on the truck but by the look of the schematic sheet she held in her hand (all the stores receive a blue print of where and how to stock merchandise) there is no mention of these Pleasant Valley meat products anymore.  I went back and gathered up more leaving one steak for someone else.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

On Our Last Leg

...of this year’s journey that is.

The wind really got going that afternoon and especially just as the sun set.  Our home was really rockin’.  There are mountains over there, obscured by blowing dust.  

There they are.  The morning was clear and calm for starters.  

I was amazed at the number of people still attempting to drive during the windstorm.
There were more truckers though that had pulled over for the night.

I got up front ready for the day’s short drive and discovered the windshield spotted.  Evidently a bit of rain was mixed in with that wind.  I drove over to the filling station to dump trash.  All five dumpsters were locked.  I’d be hauling trash to the next town...or I could just sling it all out the window like everyone else does.  Good thing I bought fuel back in Nevada.  Granted, Vidal Junction is remote in the middle of the Mojave Desert but a lot of that price is Californication. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Vidal Junction, California


Coming south from the Cal Nev Ari rest area within a few miles we crossed over into California.  The safe four lane divided Highway 95 immediately turned into a narrow white knuckle two-lane desert highway.  Welcome to California.  I missed the turnoffs to a couple possible camp areas because I had people on my butt and there was nowhere safe to slow down or pullover.  We wound up at the junction of 95 and 62.  

There is a lot of flat wide open land there and we went out back behind the agriculture inspection station.

It may not be picturesque but we have solitude and great cell service.
Look at that cell tower so close by.
You cannot see in these pictures but the area is loaded with trash.  It is as if one of the Western Elite landfill trucks had a rollover accident here.  I’ll never understand the piggishness of people.

It is windy here.  The wind gives trash legs. 
 Monday was to be a rip-roarer so we stayed put and stayed safe.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Cal Nev Ari Rest Area


A half hour or so of driving beyond the filling station was this rest area.  That was enough driving for one day.  We’re trying to take it slower and in shorter drives.  This appeared all fairly new.

It was nicely landscaped with native plants.

All in all a very nicely done rest area except...

...this is the pet area.  All rough black asphalt.  Can you imagine how hot this gets in the summer?  It would blister cat and dog feet.  Someone really wasn’t thinking when they designed this.

The big trucks parked in the lanes near the restrooms and the RVs and trailer people parked out here (in the pet area) away from them.  This worked out well.  As you can see everything is wet.  It rained one day so we stayed put an extra day as did most everyone.  The window did not leak.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Fueling Up


We stopped in Searchlight, Nevada to fuel up for ahead of us lay a couple hundred miles of desert.

I am still amazed at these prices.  Not so much as how high they are but the fact that diesel now is lower than regular gasoline for the first time ever since I bought the Little House on the Highway back in 2007. 

I don’t think there are that many things in life that really annoy me more than these “televisions” in gasoline pumps.  As soon as you squeeze the lever and begin fueling these things come alive blaring at you about things (news, sports and advertisements) that I absolutely have no interest in.
I retreat back inside the cab with the door shut until the pump quits...although the offending TV continues on until you hang up the nozzle.

So this turned out to be my second highest fuel purchase this year, and that was by only 50 cents.

That is okay; I can deal with it.  We had one of these Winnebago Tour diesel pushers park next to us at our next overnight stop.  I didn’t take a picture of it but found this online.  These class A RVs have a 150 gallon fuel tank (we have a 26 gallon tank) and get around 7.5 miles per gallon (I am currently averaging 18.5).  But if you can afford to pay over $300,000 for one of these, then laying $500 for fuel every time you fill up is of no big deal then.

Behind the filling station was someone’s home.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Escape From Las Vegas


We made it alive out of Las Vegas and stopped at a place we’ve stayed before south of Boulder City.

That is not water.  They are part of a huge solar panel project.

We didn’t go in as far as before since it was noisy with a lot of off roading activity then.
Beans, you don’t need to go down in there.

This time it sounded like a lot of shooting going on.  Good we stayed close to the highway.
Beans!  You mind like a two-year old.

Eventually the shooting ceased once it grew dark.
Oh no you don’t.  Beans, get back up here.


Geez, I don’t get to do anything.

We are getting closer to the land of beautiful sunsets, Arizona.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Lost Wages


Oh what a horrible place.

Here it comes Beans.

I tried to skirt around the mess as much as possible but still got caught up in some of it.  Part of that was seeking out a Walmart where I knew I could buy the oil I needed to change in the RV soon.  There’s around twenty-three Walmarts in Las Vegas.  Just think about that for a moment.
Oh the humanity I saw in the store!  Well, the entire drive through the city for that matter.
They certainly did not heed to the message on this sign. 

I nearly got sideswiped by some young hoodlum racing by just before this photo was taken.
Good Lord, just get us out of here in one piece.

A must needed commodity to live in Las Vegas I guess.

Here’s one for you ladies.

Not a chance if I can help it.

In case you are wondering there are no Walmarts from here on out to our winter destination.
That is why I had to stop here for the oil (to save $10) plus a few other items.