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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A New Barbi


One of the items I bought was a new bar-b-que.  All I had before was just the grill from a small Weber    bar-b-que which I’d set up on some rocks in a fire pit.  It was awkward and being so I never grilled often.

This thing is made in China (of course) but I have to say it is well made of heavy gauge stainless steel and not cheaply put together.  Only thing is they don’t give instructions for assembly.  Just another example of how the Chinese are trying to drive us insane and take over.

I used the photo on the box to go by and thought it best to save a panel for future reference until I get this assembling down .  Isn’t it cute?  It is seven and half inches square and stands nineteen inches tall.
The grate is adjustable to three levels.

It comes with a nice canvas bag to store it in.
This is ideal for me, just one person cooking and will not take up much room.

I haven’t tried it out yet. Its been too windy.


Barbara R. said...

Cute little grill. Enjoy your meat (whatever it may be.)

Vicki said...

Looks perfect for one person (and maybe his cat) and just the right size for a nomad.