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Saturday, October 30, 2021

A Strange Find


One day I walked down the wash behind us to see what there was to see.

This saguaro has had a rough life.

In case you ever wanted to know what they are like inside.
Those are the “ribs” that give it the strength to stand upright so high 

I came upon this cement slab about three feet by four feet.  Why is it here?  There was nothing else around, no sign of any foundation or wall and no one who had any idea of making a home here certainly would not build in a wash where flash floods occur.

Nearly fifty years ago someone poured this cement for some purpose.

I looped on back on high ground and found this.

It looks hand painted.  There were no other pieces around and I have never come across any Indian artifacts anywhere in this area.  I really do not think it is.

The wall of the bowl was a half inch thick and appears to be like cement.  The inside had a glazed coating.  Maybe whoever poured that slab made himself a bowl although the two finds were not anywhere close to each other.

Cleaned up with water.

Almost noon, best go back and fix lunch


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh goodie, a bit right out of the past. And then some! Upright slab looks like a bit from "2001" the movie!

Vicki said...

Poor saguaro. Love the layers of color, it's very pretty. I like the slab and the rocks that count down!