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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Beans Visits the Vet


Every so often Beans gets to wheezing which I took for working up a hairball.  I’ve been giving her hairball relief pate which has eliminated the actual hairball coming up and allowing it to pass on through.  I visited a vet in Challis, Idaho to make sure the stuff I was giving her was good (it was) and that I was giving her enough but not too much.  She said what I was doing was fine.  If Beans developed loose stool then I was giving too much.  Still the wheezing continued.  I decided to take her in for an actual checkup in Blythe.  The day we went to UPS and got water I went by the vet place and made an appointment.  “Can you bring her in tomorrow morning say at 9:45?”  Okay.  

We arrived at 9:30 sat in the RV and watched.  People kept showing up with their dogs...way too many dogs.  Bean wanted out to harass the dogs.  I went in and told the lady we’d be outside in a motorhome and she said that was fine.  “I’ll come get you.”  Fifty minutes later it was our turn.  
Really, I think they overbook their appointments.

Okay Dad, there is way too many smells in here!
Notice fluffed out tail.  High alert!

What the kind of place have you brought me to?  Notice wide open eyes.

The doctor was okay.  I liked the doctor I had for Sinbad back home better.  I think this guy just takes on too much.  Still he was good and said that Beans lungs and breathing sound good.  This was a relief.  
“Just continue the hairball pate once a week.  People usually stop and then problems develop.”

She did well through the whole experience.  I was more traumatized than her.
By the time we got back I was worn out, mostly from worry for the past 24 hours.
I ate lunch and took a nap.

Hopefully now we can stay put in the desert and quit going into town across the Colorado River into the California side.  It is a rough road for about two miles which takes about twenty minutes just crawling along before hitting the pavement.  


Around My Kitchen Table said...

Just happened across your blog by accident and am already in love with Beans! I live with a small diva called Toffee. I'm off now to delve deeper into your blog.

Barbara R. said...

What good news, and I sure know how concerns about a symptom in an animal suck one's energies...even without the drive back and forth to California. For me that itself sounds very daunting!

Alfonso Bedoya said...
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Vicki said...

Glad everything is ok with Beans! I'm having to feed my 10 lb. dog 4 times a day with a meal to give her 1/2 a pill and the last time a scoop of powder. She's getting a pouchy belly. Glad her last med. will be in a week! She's going to miss that extra food :(

Vicki said...

* Poochy belly