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Monday, October 11, 2021

Cal Nev Ari Rest Area


A half hour or so of driving beyond the filling station was this rest area.  That was enough driving for one day.  We’re trying to take it slower and in shorter drives.  This appeared all fairly new.

It was nicely landscaped with native plants.

All in all a very nicely done rest area except...

...this is the pet area.  All rough black asphalt.  Can you imagine how hot this gets in the summer?  It would blister cat and dog feet.  Someone really wasn’t thinking when they designed this.

The big trucks parked in the lanes near the restrooms and the RVs and trailer people parked out here (in the pet area) away from them.  This worked out well.  As you can see everything is wet.  It rained one day so we stayed put an extra day as did most everyone.  The window did not leak.


Barbara R. said...

G;ad to hear you're dry now! Poor kitties and dogs with hot feet when they need a walk. That's sure a poor design by people who probably don't have pets.

Vicki said...

I wouldn't let my cats or dogs walk on that in the summer with their bare paws. It does look like a very nice place!