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Saturday, October 23, 2021



I spent several hours working on understanding the new dash camera and setting it up.  Honestly, it probably is very simple for most people but to me it is pretty abstract.  I don’t understand the terminology and the meaning of various functions.  The owners pamphlet is pretty good (for the normal person) but I was still doing a lot of Googling and reading questions and answers on Amazon.  Before frustration set in I quit for the day.  It is similar to my recent propane tank improvement.

This is the little one gallon refillable propane tank I bought a couple years ago for my winter heater.  I would have to shake it and guess as to how much propane was left in the tank.  I always kept one of those little green canisters on hand if it ran out on me.  Lying in bed one night I remembered our first truck camper we had back in the late 70’s.  I bought this tape you stuck to the side of the tank and it would show different colors as to where the propane level was inside.  Temperature difference is what made it work.

I should order one of those tape thingys.

I got on Amazon to find them and guess what?  They make gauges you can screw onto the bottle.  I had no idea.  I suppose I should find that embarrassing to admit but really, at this stage of my life I don’t care.


  1. YouTube seems to have videos of most tasks these days; that's how I get by!

    1. Same here. I’ve lost count how many times a YouTube video solved my problem, most of them being computer issues.

  2. I get a headache sometimes trying to figure out complicated instructions so I have my son figure it out :)


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