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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Escape From Las Vegas


We made it alive out of Las Vegas and stopped at a place we’ve stayed before south of Boulder City.

That is not water.  They are part of a huge solar panel project.

We didn’t go in as far as before since it was noisy with a lot of off roading activity then.
Beans, you don’t need to go down in there.

This time it sounded like a lot of shooting going on.  Good we stayed close to the highway.
Beans!  You mind like a two-year old.

Eventually the shooting ceased once it grew dark.
Oh no you don’t.  Beans, get back up here.


Geez, I don’t get to do anything.

We are getting closer to the land of beautiful sunsets, Arizona.


  1. Ha ha, and I have relatives in FL who fly to Vegas for vacations. But if you lived in FL, I guess you might enjoy a different kind of vacation. Not for me. I am glad you made it through and into the wilds again.

  2. Love all of these photos! Beans may think she doesn't get to do anything but she's living the life a lot of people would LOVE to live, including me. I want to travel around the US in a motor home!


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