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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Fool Coyote


I walked on out to the feeding station to give the coyote the last can of dog food.  The bowl was gone.  He didn’t just take it to his usual spot, he hid it on me.  I looked all over.  No bowl.  So I dumped the last can into one of the regular dog feeding bowls I had found earlier.

I decided to walk up the hill and go back a different way.  There up on the top was the bowl.

He had brought it up from the shade tree down there at the bottom.
I had walked back a way to take this photo.

There you can just make out the bowl in the other direction.
That is a long way to carry it for no reason.

I took off towards the saguaro to have a look at it.

Midway something was shining in the sun.
It was one of the flattened dog food cans I had left back in the fire pit along with all the other trash.
So he brought this up here too?

That’s it Mr. Coyote.
All gone.
Go back to your lizards and mice and rats.

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Vicki said...

Animals are funny! I love that cross and the catus!