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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Fueling Up


We stopped in Searchlight, Nevada to fuel up for ahead of us lay a couple hundred miles of desert.

I am still amazed at these prices.  Not so much as how high they are but the fact that diesel now is lower than regular gasoline for the first time ever since I bought the Little House on the Highway back in 2007. 

I don’t think there are that many things in life that really annoy me more than these “televisions” in gasoline pumps.  As soon as you squeeze the lever and begin fueling these things come alive blaring at you about things (news, sports and advertisements) that I absolutely have no interest in.
I retreat back inside the cab with the door shut until the pump quits...although the offending TV continues on until you hang up the nozzle.

So this turned out to be my second highest fuel purchase this year, and that was by only 50 cents.

That is okay; I can deal with it.  We had one of these Winnebago Tour diesel pushers park next to us at our next overnight stop.  I didn’t take a picture of it but found this online.  These class A RVs have a 150 gallon fuel tank (we have a 26 gallon tank) and get around 7.5 miles per gallon (I am currently averaging 18.5).  But if you can afford to pay over $300,000 for one of these, then laying $500 for fuel every time you fill up is of no big deal then.

Behind the filling station was someone’s home.


Barbara R. said...

Nice contrast between the big rig and the junk pulled together in the rocks home.

Vicki said...

The gas here is $3.13 for Regular, $3.53 for Midgrade, $3,73 for Premium & $3.45 for Diesel. I ignore those tv's as much as possible.

I don't care if I could affort that Winnebago I wouldn't buy it. That's not my idea of camping or being a nomad.
It makes me so sad to see homeless people. What's wrong with this country?