A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Friday, October 15, 2021



Outside of Ehrenberg, Arizona

This will be our winter home this year rather than going to Quartzsite eighteen mile to the east.  We’ve stayed here before four years ago.  There is less people here during the winter and quieter.  The only bad thing is to buy food I have to go back into California to Blythe which is only five miles but not something I can do on the Honda 90 since I would have to ride on the Interstate and go through the agriculture inspection station.  Not good.

Beans likes it here.  Look at all that good silt to roll in and bring back inside the RV.

The hunting is good too.  

I hear something...

I can let her roam and hunt freely, although I am still nearby at all time supervising.
The cord is about fifteen feet long and has a bell on the end so I always know where she is when she runs off after a lizard.

Love than morning desert sun.


Barbara Rogers said...

Hope you have a good time during your stay. Beans seems happy to be there too!

Vicki said...

Glad Beans can roam around in such a big space. It looks so peaceful there, a nice place to stay.