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Friday, October 8, 2021

Lost Wages


Oh what a horrible place.

Here it comes Beans.

I tried to skirt around the mess as much as possible but still got caught up in some of it.  Part of that was seeking out a Walmart where I knew I could buy the oil I needed to change in the RV soon.  There’s around twenty-three Walmarts in Las Vegas.  Just think about that for a moment.
Oh the humanity I saw in the store!  Well, the entire drive through the city for that matter.
They certainly did not heed to the message on this sign. 

I nearly got sideswiped by some young hoodlum racing by just before this photo was taken.
Good Lord, just get us out of here in one piece.

A must needed commodity to live in Las Vegas I guess.

Here’s one for you ladies.

Not a chance if I can help it.

In case you are wondering there are no Walmarts from here on out to our winter destination.
That is why I had to stop here for the oil (to save $10) plus a few other items.



  1. My ex and I (and kids) moved from Ohio to California in the early '80's and were going to go through Las Vegas but changed out minds when we got close to it. I never regretted that decision. And 23 Wal Marts? Wow!

    I went to see the Chippendales when I was in California with a few other Marine wives. Once was enough for me, I got red faced!


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