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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mr. Lucky


I’ve been enjoying my new bar-b-que when the days are not so windy.  This day was just slight breeze so the solar oven I found a couple years ago in a dumpster shields the bar-b-que just fine.

Boneless pork ribs.

After dinner I took Beans out for her evening walk and she got another lizard.

After a bit of torment she lost tract of it.  
As long as they don’t move they are pretty safe, 
blending in among the pebbles

He wasn’t harmed any and I set him in a bush when she was looking elsewhere for it.

Dang it!  He was right here...somewhere, I know it.


  1. I recognize the flute player...but don't remember where from. Oh well, I'll check back later and see if someone else identifies better.

    1. Fertility deity.....watch out John.........

    2. Thank you all...I did look up Kokopelli. Interesting diety of the Indigenous tribes in SW USA.

  2. Not seen a lizard here for a long time.

  3. No lizard is safe with Beans around, until he gets distracted that is :)

    You did a great job making Kokopelli out of rocks!

    1. I don’t make this rock art. I find them left behind by others here before me.

    2. I don’t make this rock art. I find them left behind by others here before me.


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