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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Pitiful Produce


We survived our stay at the Pioche travelers park.  It really wasn’t bad at all considering all that were staying there and the close quarters.  I left a donation before leaving.

I needed some fresh produce and was unable to locate the little store in Pioche.  I’ll get it in the next town which is slightly larger.  I stopped in Panaca at their store, then Caliente and finally Alamo (below).  A stretch of 99 miles, three towns.  Bags of salad were at their premush date or past.  Bananas?  I had just threw out two bananas that looked every bit as good as what they had to offer.  Little basket of cherry tomatoes?  Nonexistent.  This is the final store in Alamo and I thought I should at least get a head of lettuce - one lonely wilted head laid there hoping someone would buy him.  I should have got a head at one of the previous stores had I known.  I feel sorry for the poor people who live within these one hundred miles and have no better opportunity for fresh produce than that.

This is the turnoff onto the Extraterrestrial Highway which goes by Area 51 where the government keeps all the outer space aliens they have captured.  Long ago I stayed at a dry lake outside the town of Rachel, about as close as you can get to the forbidden zone.  Nothing happened.  Had breakfast the next morning in the Alien Cafe in town.  Worst coffee I have ever tasted.

This day as you read this we will be passing through (not fast enough) Las Vegas.  There is no alternative. It is going to be a long day with no place to stay until we get way past on the other side.

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Vicki said...

You'd think they would have at least some kind of fruit or veggie. The photos of the mountains are beautiful!