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Thursday, October 7, 2021



This quirky site sets about sixty some miles north of Las Vegas.

It wasn’t really what I expected.
I thought it was another recreation of Stonehenge in England
like many other henges I have seen in my travels.

Inside is a huge global map.

This was impressive and would be difficult to make I imagine.

There are supposed to be some “exotic” animals to see but all I saw was this camel and some cows with big horns.  I guess I would have enjoyed it more had I not been agonizing over having to go through Las Vegas in an hour.

Some reading material you’re interested.

To be honest I was more fascinated by the huge landfill surrounding the henge.  Ryan Willams owns the landfill business which must do well for him to be able to create RyanHenge.  Well I saw just how well on the sixty mile drive south to Las Vegas.  There were dozens upon dozens of big rig trucks heading north to the Western Elite Landfill all of them loaded down with tons of rubbish and garbage from Vegas.
It was mind-boggling trying to comprehend all this trash coming in daily and how big of a hole was needed to deposit all this waste. 

This guy was standing there trying to make sense of all the trash he was seeing just as I was.


Barbara Rogers said...

What an interesting site...and probably funded by the trash from Vegas...or was that Vegas the star?

Vicki said...

This sure us an interesting postk I've never seen anything like Ryan Henge!