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Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Dash Camera


Several years back a YouTube nomad friend I followed posted a video about how she was following her friends and her dash camera caught this guy driving a U-haul truck side swiping their truck and camper.  I think the video led to the guy’s identity.  At any rate I thought that might be something I should get.  I had been driving all those years, thousands of miles, back and forth across the country without one.  I got the bright idea to rig up my old GoPro camera to do the job.  This worked great.  But just in the last few months the camera started acting up shutting itself down unknowingly to me.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes not.  I fought with it all through Idaho and it finally grew too unreliable once in Nevada.  I quit trying.  I felt quite vulnerable driving those last two weeks down to Arizona without a camera.  

I researched dash cams and there are a bunch out there.  Most all you had to by a memory card in addition but this one came with one.  It had good reviews so I placed an order.  It is powered through the cigarette lighter but I am already using that hole for Claire, my GPS girl.  I’d have to buy an adapter for the lighter. Then I discovered a hard wire kit meaning directly to the vehicle fuse box.  I liked that idea better.  Everything arrived at the post office yesterday.  No UPS issue this time.

So this will be a project for someday coming.  I was pleased that the camera and screen is small, smaller than a pack of cigarettes.  Most looked like a big wide screen TV up there in the photos.
Another good thing is that it starts running when you start the engine and records over the previous data automatically in a loop.  It was always a process with the GoPro every time when starting out for the day.


Vicki said...

My two sons have a camera like that. They both record in front of you and behind you. I'd like to get one too. They come in handy when someone wants to blame you for something that was their fault.

John W. Wall said...

I wonder what I'd do if I caught someone else's accident on such a camera. Is there any easy way to handle that, or would you get sucked into some kind of legal hullaballoo?

Upriverdavid said...

I have two for my rigs, different brands, I still don't understand the instructions..I just leave them on when driving and if something happens in front of me. I hope the right people will figure them out for me....