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Sunday, October 3, 2021

There’s Nothing to See Here, Just Move Along


Patterson Pass Campground, Nevada

This is the dirt road we in came on.

Off in the distance is what they call Lake Valley.
Maybe there was a lake there long ago?

One day I went on a walkabout wandering around for two miles in the Utah Juniper and Pinon Pine forest.

During the entire walk I did not see one rabbit burrow or a single rodent hole.
Just one cactus; how did it get here?

I found one single deer print and a petrified cow flop.
And one bone.  No more.

Not even one single bird.
Even the lizards have got wise to Beans.  Gone.
Just a lonely tin can was the only sign of a human passing through here.

Then something shiny in the shadow of this tree.

A Department of the Interior plant survey marker of which I had never seen one before.  Usually these are geological survey markers giving coordinates and elevation.  This was marking a plot of land which looked like no one had ever revisited.  No footprints anywhere in my two mile wander.

I guess it is time we head back down this long dirt road to Lake Valley and the highway.
It is still too hot down in the Arizona desert, our winter home 433 miles away.
We will take our time.

We were here for six days and I really was amazed no one ever came and stayed in any of the seven sites in a circle around the long drop.  We had it all to ourselves.

Larger units of which there were five had to stay off in the larger sites distant from us.
It pays to have a small RV.

Incidentally, my repaired hiking boots are holding up well.

Sorry T3inKY, I’m still not buying a new pair.


Barbara Rogers said...

Great to see where you are, what you're doing. Missed your blog yesterday. Glad your boots work for you!

Vicki said...

All your photos make it look like a deserted place except for the last one.

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