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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Vidal Junction, California


Coming south from the Cal Nev Ari rest area within a few miles we crossed over into California.  The safe four lane divided Highway 95 immediately turned into a narrow white knuckle two-lane desert highway.  Welcome to California.  I missed the turnoffs to a couple possible camp areas because I had people on my butt and there was nowhere safe to slow down or pullover.  We wound up at the junction of 95 and 62.  

There is a lot of flat wide open land there and we went out back behind the agriculture inspection station.

It may not be picturesque but we have solitude and great cell service.
Look at that cell tower so close by.
You cannot see in these pictures but the area is loaded with trash.  It is as if one of the Western Elite landfill trucks had a rollover accident here.  I’ll never understand the piggishness of people.

It is windy here.  The wind gives trash legs. 
 Monday was to be a rip-roarer so we stayed put and stayed safe.

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Vicki said...

"The wind gives trash legs." I love that!