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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Water and UPS

Out in front of the laundromat and mini store in Ehrenberg I knew there was a source for water and dumping tanks also.  So I was disappointed to see it was now locked up.  I asked why and learned that too many people were helping themselves without paying.  Notice signs.  Well this was not good.  We arrived here with a half a tank.  I should have filled it back in Pioche in that little RV park we stayed in.  Now I was looking at having to drive to Quartzsite twenty miles away to fill.  

We would be okay for a few weeks but having a full tank would be peace of mind.

 I had placed an Amazon order two weeks ago and timed it to arrive at the post office here in Ehrenberg about the same time we would arrive.  Well there was a screw up.  Amazon sent it UPS and UPS had a delivery problem.  So after only a couple days being settled I had to break camp and drive back into Blythe, California.  UPS customer service is for one hour, 9-10am.  Anyway, it got sorted out and they had both packages going back out to the post office that same day.
The trip to town was not for nothing.

Meanwhile, while waiting for UPS to open (they never do, you have to pound on the door to get their attention; yeah, its weird) I drove around to city parks and other places looking for a water faucet.  Believe me, they are hard to find.  Just look around the next time you are out driving about.  If you find one usually there is no handle.  Well I lucked out.  I found one behind an abandoned Radio Shack with no handle.  I turned it on with pliers and water flowed!  Not always a sure thing for the water could be shut off even if you do find a faucet.  So now we have a full tank and will be good for six weeks or so.

I have found a number of these rock art pieces since being here.
I plan to add one with each post.


Vicki said...

I'm surprised that since the Radio Shack was abandoned that there was still water. I love the rock art and look forward to seeing the others.

CS said...

You can get free water* at the Flying J truckstop (actually any Flying J) in two places in Ehrenberg:
1) Pull forward through the furthest-right RV gas pump and there is a faucet on the right side, also shared with one lane of truckers on the other side of the island (but I have never had to wait on truckers to use it, only other RVers.)
2) Drive to the far right of the truckers lanes and pull all the way around in back of the convenience store. There are faucets back there in front of the garage door. (Less stressful environment back there while filling up, just be careful getting back there.)

(*I don't drink from my rig's tank, but I still filter it going in, especially desert water with high-sediment. Don't want clogged Pex pipes.)

Flying J's dumpstation has been closed for years.
Good place to get propane, cheaper than Blythe/CA!

I stayed at the (very, very quiet) LTVA outside of Blythe the last 4 winters, so I know where to find the amenities in Blythe & Ehrenberg. Just ask. :)

I even rented a "mailbox" at RightSpace Storage in Blythe so I could have a stationary shipping address for receiving Amazon packages—I was so tired of chasing them around! (And getting the evil eye and the "30-day warning" at the Post Office for general delivery mail.) Getting mail on the road is one of the most frustrating things!!

I won't be going back to Blythe this winter. Need a change of scenery!

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I never thought about checking the Flying J for water. This probably holds true for most truck stops - available water. I usually don’t have anything to do with truck stops so will reconsider for the future. Thank you. No need for a dump station - have a composting toilet. The propane tip is appreciated. I too may need a change for upcoming winters, just don’t know where.

Upriverdavid said...

I purchased a key-type handle for faucets without the handles...Only $2.00 or so, if I recall..
Home Depot-Lowes etc.

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I used to have a handle with me but don’t know what became of it. I’ve been meaning to buy a spline and square hole handle each but never got around to it. Someday.