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Monday, October 4, 2021

Yep, Should Have Known


Within hours after composing yesterday’s post and writing how amazed I was having this loop all to ourselves for six days, all six remaining spots filled up that afternoon! That is what I get for mentioning it.

These folks were the last to show up.  They passed through and one spot remained.  They went to check out the larger sites away from the loop.  While away, this rectal orifice a couple spots down jumped into his truck and moved it into that last spot to save for his buddies coming in later.  The big rig came back, saw what happened and was forced to park here which is a legit spot, just not one you can back into.  I suspect it is for folks in a tent.  Normally I would have been upset but seeing what was done to them and knowing we were leaving in the morning anyway I wasn’t bothered much.  In the morning I went over to tell the guy we were leaving and he could have our spot which he was very happy about. 

I had this place, forty six miles down the road lined up to stay at.  It is in the little desert town of Pioche out in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada.  There won’t be anyone there.  We’ll have it all to ourselves.  I like little city run places to stay and this one was free.  

Well so much for my thinking no one would be here!
We got the last spot so I tried to realign my thinking and be grateful for that.
Anyway, having been here for a couple hours now as I compose this post, its been very quiet.
So having said that, you know what is going to happen later.
I thought we would stay here a couple of days, but that was before I saw all the neighbors.
I think we’ll move on in the morning.

I took Beans out for a walk.  The Dingo dog next door barked at her.  Beans stood her ground, back arched, fur sticking up, tail fluffed out.  You want a piece of me?  Bring it on.  The dog got in trouble and was put inside.  For the rest of the afternoon Beans looked out at the dog mocking it.
Go ahead, bark.  I dare you.  Ha!


Barbara Rogers said...

Glad to hear you have a neighbor for Miss Beans to look at, better than a lizard anyway.

Upriverdavid said...

That park was empty the last time I was there..Well it was a bunch of years ago..We think alike especially in these times..I cannot deal with crowds anymore..Too many rude animals out there..
My Barn Kat will try to take on anything if they hassle him...B.K....