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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

A $250 Fine

It was a nice day with thin cloud cover and a slight breeze, ideal for a long walk.

I came across a geological survey marker.  It was partially out of the ground and bent.  I have never seen that before.  Someone had messed with it.

I was able to pull it free from the ground.

“Penalty $250 for removal.”
I guess I will get the bill in the mail.

Looking back from where I came our camp is the tiny white speck beneath the V in the mountains.
It made me wonder why no one else is here for before there were quite a few.
Back home I looked on the map and saw we arrived here at the end of November four years ago.
I’ll enjoy this while I can.

I do not make these rock art designs.
I find them left behind by others.


  1. Oh, I thought you were creating them! They sure are fun. In all that wide open spaces, how do you find them?

  2. I hope you have that much money on you, it's probably a long way to a bank or atm.

    Is that a cactus? I've never seen one like it but I sure do love the shape and colors.

    Cute butterfly! I've never known anyone else who makes things from small rocks. I collect painted rocks but have never even thought about making art from rocks. I really like seeing them.


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