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Monday, November 1, 2021

A Do Nothing Day


The day was into the nineties (32.2 C) without a hint of breeze so we did nothing but keep out of the sun. It is okay if there is some wind but this day was very still.  We are looking at temperatures back into the eighties until mid November.  Very pleasant.

Sunset that day.

Beans looking at the morning sun.  If I move in to get a close-up photo then she stands up.  I wish she’d pose more often without moving about.  Another thing about her is when we are walking about she’ll always choose to go on the other side of a bush than I am walking by.  So I have to go back and lift up the cord over the bush.  Never fails.

Deal with it Dad.

We’re going to have to go into town for supplies soon.
Not looking forward to it.


Vicki said...

Beautiful sunset! Cats are very quirky. Love the peace rock art, the 60's and 70's were my favorite years.

Barbara Rogers said...

Excellent circle peace sign. Beautiful dawn. I'd say Beans has a method to give you more opportunity to scare any lizards out of the bushes for her.