A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Desert Clean-up


After feeding the fox we moved to a new spot maybe a quarter mile away just for a change of scenery.

In the shallow ravine nearby was this ice chest, washed in by a small flash flood it looked like.  It got caught up in some mesquite brush and was partially filled with mud.  The lid was elsewhere up stream.  How can you lose an ice chest?

So I used it as a container for other trash I came across out on my walks.  Some of that is my trash-cat food tins, human food tins and my old barbecue grill.

Nice job Dad.  But there aren’t many lizards here not that there was at the other place either.
What’s the deal?
I don’t know Beans, but at least we’re done with the pills and your cough is gone.
You’ve got that going for you.


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh I used to have a cooler just like that! But I doubt if it reached there, in it's many travels. It was last seen carrying beer to Indiana from NC. Great close-up of Her Majesty!

Vicki said...

It's weird what you can find, and in the strangest places.

Anonymous said...

Grateful that you and Beans are both well and kicking up dirt and lizards. Keep on keeping on. 😊