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Friday, November 12, 2021

Desert Oil Change


The drive to Yuma and back for the vet visit pushed the mileage over the oil change mark.

I keep the oil catch basin and oil change kit and filters strapped up underneath in the chassis.

This is about the third time I have done the oil change on the road.  I wouldn’t allow those people in the Quik Lube places to touch my equipment.  I want it done right and thus do it myself.
The first time I used this basin was in a campground in Missouri and I didn’t open the vent on the basin.  I had a mess.  I felt bad about that.  It probably is no longer visible on the asphalt pad anymore.
I hope.

Access to the oil filter is easy, its right up on top.

Oil drained, new filter in place and no accidents. 
Thats the vent cap the upper left corner.

I had the oil on hand from the excruciating shopping experience in Las Vegas. 
The engine takes two of these containers.
I poured the dirty oil back into them and 
will drop it off at a recycle store in Blythe when we get back over there later. 

The whole job from getting the container out from underneath to put everything back and clean up took ninety minutes.  Taking it slow and easy means no accidents.

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Vicki said...

Your undercarriage is very clean!