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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Hand Wash Laundry


I noticed on these pants a couple dribbles from my latest fast food outing.  Either hamburger juice or chocolate milkshake drippings.  Don’t know.  Unsightly.  So I decided to hand wash the pants.

Rinse bucket to the side.  Notice anything?

The water afterwards was filthy.  Now that isn’t from me.  I wear these pants primarily only when driving.  And when driving I have a cat in my lap.  That is all Beans dirt!

I put a bit of Spray & Wash fabric cleaner on the two drips.  Now I have a ultra-clean spot where the drips were.  Unsightly!  Maybe even more so than the two small drips alone.  Grrr!
It doesn’t show here because the pants are wet.  I tried to blend it in with...dirt.
Beans will wind up fixing it for me in time.


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