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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Mortar Holes


Across the “river” from the petroglyphs are a few mortar holes where the Native Americans who lived here ground seeds into a powder for cooking.  There are five holes.  

The largest is a foot deep and most likely a heavy thick stick was used and the person stood up pounding the stick up and down.  That is the toe of my boot to give you a size reference.

I could picture the women sitting here chatting away while the river slowly flowed by, not a bad scene at all.  Meanwhile the men folk were on the other side doing important men work like making pictures on rock.  That is a picture frame I found nearby in case you are wondering.

No water flows in the river these days except only after a brief rain storm.

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Vicki said...

That's so neat! Did anyone ever tell you that you're funny? I bet the answer is yes! That sure is some dry dirt!